Some Amazing Facts about Playing Cards


There are many options for gambling like horse racing, casino, sport, etc. Play cards are two very important factor in gambling. There are many types of playing card games like populært kasino unibet blackjack, solitaire, poker, etc. All these games are played with one or many decks of 52 cards. In this article, we will get some information or facts about playing cards.

Four king face cards

According to some historical reports, it is believed that the four kings of all four suits ♣️, ♥️, ♦️ and spade represents the four great emperors or kings in history.

The king of spade represents the great king David, the king of club symbolizes the great warrior and king Alexander who had a great wish to conquer the whole world, the king of heart represents the king Charlemagne and the king of diamond represents the noble king of time that is Julius Caesar who was killed through a conspiracy by his most trusted friend and courteous Brutus.

52 cards only?

Have you ever thought why there is only 3? 52 cards? Is there any meaning behind it? Actually, the 52 cards of a deck represent the 52 weeks of a year.

Why 13 cards in a suit only

The 13 cards of suits represent the 13 months of lunar.

What is the highest value of the card

Most of the people think that Ace is the highest value of the card, but it is not true in all cases. In many places the highest value card is king, and in some places, the highest value card is 2.

What do the four suits of the card represent?

The four suits of the cards represent the four seasons of a year, namely winter, summer, spring and rainy season.

What is the significance of joker?

If you are into the player of playing cards, you must be knowing the value of joker. The role of the joked is to get replaced by any other missing playing card. In many games, the card can take the value of any card according to some role. The joker represents the extra day of the leal year. Leap years occur every four years, and this year there are 366 days instead of 365 days.

What does the two-color of four suits symbolize?

The two colors of the 52 cards symbolize the two main phase of 24 hours that is day and night.

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