Sports Gambling in Cambodia

The Real Scenario of Sports Gambling in Cambodia


Cambodia is a gambling paradise. Although it is illegal for the local citizens of Cambodia, sports gambling has deep roots in the culture and tradition of this country. 

Cambodia is the name of a unique identity in the world of sports gambling. Although gambling has been legally banned for its citizens, at the same time, the country has several casinos, especially near the border area, that runs only for the foreigners and tourists of this country. Cambodia’s gambling laws are extremely strict and complex, similar to neighboring countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. However, the country allows foreign investors to invest in this business in the country with the sole interest of high tax revenue returns. 

How Does the Wheel of Sports Gambling Roll in a Country Like Cambodia?

We have already mentioned that Cambodia has laws against gambling in the country by its citizens. However, each kind of casino game is completely legal for foreigners. Many Cambodian citizens also exploit this loophole of the law to indulge in the game. Many of them keep dual citizenship as proof to be used for taking part in it. 

These stringent rules gave rise to numerous such illegal gamblers and illegal practices in the country. There are many online sites for sports betting for Cambodian players. These companies hire the local agents as they understand the pulse of gamble the best. The games are played in many different languages besides English, the international language, such as French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and the Khmer language to entice more Cambodian gamers. 

These games are played online, but the Cambodian local currency is not very popular for online betting transactions. So, most online sports betting is done through foreign currencies like euros, dollars, pounds, or credit cards. 

Popular Sports Betting in Cambodia

Like many other Asian countries, gambling is one of the integral parts of the Cambodian Traditions. Keeping everything aside, football is the most popular and intensely followed sport in Cambodia. Therefore, Football gambling is the most profiteering gambling business in the country. It generates more revenues than any other sports. To be more precise, the European football leagues, especially the English Premier League, are the main focus of the Cambodian punters. 

Some of the other worth mentioning popular Cambodian betting sports include Sepak Takraw, Kun Khmer, Dragon boat racing, Basketball, etc. Khmer sportsbook is one of the several other websites that offer online betting platforms for all the different games. In Cambodia, like the other Asian countries, people are more inclined to play betting games based on human powers rather than the animal races like greyhound racing or horse racing. 


Although sports betting is illegal in Cambodia, it is an open-secret industrial sector of this country. However, the law enforcement departments often penalize or punish these lawbreakers, but most of these activities run under the blind eyes of the authorities. After all, it is one of the country’s biggest earning businesses and promotes the country’s tourism industry.

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