Wild Symbols In Slots

What Are Wild Symbols In Slots, And How Do They Help You Win More Money?


Wild symbols are powerful in slots as they help players win more money. They can replace all symbols except the scatter one.

If you ask a slot player which is the best thing about slots, most of them will scream out “wilds!” and this is true. The world’s favorite leisure activities would never be as much fun as without the wilds that are simple to look at but are incredibly filled with great advantages. They have been famous since the early days of mechanical 3-steppers; today, they are in almost every slot produced by many software developers. With the entry of new reel mechanics and the subsequent emergency of the advancement of technology, there is no stopping of the potential capabilities. Now they come in all different types, shapes, and sizes.

Wilds are slot symbols, replacing other symbols on the grid.

The neighborhood or realm of wild symbols is very different and diverse as game creators always assign them new functions and tasks. Some software developers have done a great deal of work to design their assortment of innovative characters. However, there are several main types that you will come across at all the online casino tables.

Is there a way to find out which wilds are hidden ones?

One glance at the game’s paytable is usually enough to figure out a variety of wilds on offer, how they operate, how they work on that table, and of course, various kinds of trophies they bring is enough to spot the hidden wilds.

Wild symbols in slots

Wild symbols are those special symbols that can substitute regular symbols to increase the number of winning lines or combinations. These regular wilds are high-paying items of the paytable most of the time. Wilds on the reels bring to an end of a losing streak and often bring hefty payouts with them. It is more so if the multipliers are attached. How often does it happen that you were on the verge of winning but could not win due to just one matching icon? These wilds decrease the amount of such strange omens, and at the same time, they also increase your chances of big wins at the slot.

There are numerous wild symbols in slots online; let us look at the most popular ones.

1. Regular

2. Stacked

3. Spreading

4. Expanding

5. Colossal

6. Multiplier

7. Sticky

8. Shifting

9. Walking

10. Wild Overlays


We have briefly seen what wild symbols are incasino slot games and how they can help players win. As we have seen, the wild symbols bring about a lot of advantages for a player in the game. So, every player at the slots wishes to get the wild symbols, and getting them can bring about a sea change of luck in your game.

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