Strategies For Video Poker Success

Essential Strategies For Video Poker Success For Novices


Video poker is not solely a game of luck but also requires some tactics. Basic ones include wagering maximum coins, knowing when to avoid placing max bets and starting playing with an easy one.

Many video poker players know that the game involves more than just trying to get royal flushes and praying for good luck. In actuality, video poker requires a high level of skill that is unmatched by many other casino games. And with adequate preparation, you may significantly increase your odds of outsmarting the casino. All you need are some strategies to follow to help you become professional in this game. This article paves some of the fundamental tactics to win at video poker.

Wager the Maximum Coins

All video poker machines allow you to bet one to five coins each hand. To increase your chances of winning, you need to wager the maximum coins, i.e., five coins every time. This is so because when you wager 5 coins, the royal flush reward experiences a disproportionate increase.

For example:

  • 1 coin bet on a 250-coin royal flush.
  • On a two-coin wager, a 500-coin royal flush
  •  3 coin wagers yielded a 750-coin royal flush
  • On a 4-coin wager, a 1,000-coin royal flush
  • 5 coin wagers on a royal flush for 4,000 coins

Recognize When to Avoid Max Bets

All video poker strategists, articles, and professionals commonly recommend wagering the maximum coins since it increases your chances of winning. However, it is not always mandatory, like if you do not have the potential to wager the max in every hand. The most important thing to realize is that only roughly 1 out of every 40,000 hands results in a royal flush.

It indicates that you don’t have to worry about passing up the additional 3,000 coins. About 97% of all video poker payouts are not royal flush payouts. You won’t lose anything here because all other payments rise proportionately as you increase your stake from 1 to 5. Therefore, if you are playing video poker for fun, it is advisable to play for 1 to 4  coins.

Start playing an easy game

If you are a novice in video poker, start playing easy games such as Jacks or Better. The first explanation is that this machine gives more constant payouts since it has minimal variation (also known as volatility). Any player with a tiny bankroll who wants to make money back must understand this. The fact that JoB has a simpler strategy than other games is the second argument in favor of it. Because of its straightforward pay table, you don’t need to make as many strategy choices for each hand in JoB.

Wrapping Up

Video Poker is a popular online casino game allowing you to win massive prizes such as royal flush, straight flush, quads, etc. Your chances of winning the jackpots and, most importantly, enjoying the game increase when you know the proper tactics and strategies. The fundamentals—placing the maximum stake, understanding pay tables, and finding games with large payouts—are where it all begins. Once familiar with these ideas, you may move on to the tools that will increase your chances of success.

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